How To Order Samples?

It is ever so easy to order your samples. Below enter your details, address, phone and email and select the samples that you would like to order. No Website Account is required.

Sample Delivery Fees

The Delivery Charge for 1-4 samples will be £4.00, and for 5-8 samples will be £8.99. If you require more samples, please get in touch for a bespoke pricing. Sample Delivery Fee will be refunded should you place a tile order with us. Please contact us to order large tile samples.

Order Samples

Aerial Anthracite
Aerial Beige Top
Aerial Beige Wall
Aerial Beige Waves
Aerial Grey
Aerial Grey Top
Aerial Grey Wall
Aerial Grey Waves
Aerial Sand
Aerial White
Aerial White Top
Aerial White Wall
Aerial White Waves
Alchemy Cobalt
Alchemy Denim
Alchemy Lead
Alchemy Oxide
Alchemy Platinum
Alchemy Rust
Alchemy Silver
Alchemy Verdigris
Arena Anthracite
Arena Bone
Arena Grey
Arena Mud
Arena White
Connection Clay
Connection Earth
Connection Fog
Connection Linen
Connection Midnight
Connection Moss
Connection Parchment
Connection Plaster
Connection Silt
Connection Terracotta
Divide Ash
Divide Creme
Divide Storm
Element Blaze
Element Blizzard
Element Charcoal
Element Mine
Element Moss
Element Reef
Element Tide
Element Veil
Form Greystone Argent
Form Greystone Smoke
Form Marqunia
Form Torano Gold
Form Torano Silver
Grovewood Ash
Grovewood Honey
Grovewood Smoke
Grovewood Taupe
Grovewood Walnut
Grovewood White
Heritage Cognac
Heritage Honey
Heritage Maple
Heritage Mocha
Land Bone
Land Grey
Land Silver
Landscape Bedrock
Landscape Coast
Landscape Quarry
Landscape Sand
Landscape Terrain
Luxury Apuan Gold
Luxury Arabesque
Luxury Invisible Light
Luxury Onyx
Luxury Sage
Luxury Supreme
Mood Black
Mood Kaki
Mood Silver
Mood Snow
Naturals Calacatta
Naturals Dark Emperador
Naturals Graphite
Naturals Nero Atlante
Naturals Statuario Venato
One Anthracite
One Beige
One Beige Peak
One Beige Stripes
One Grey
One Grey Peak
One Grey Stripes
One Grey Wall
One White
One White Peak Wall
One White Stripes
One White Wall
Space Steel
Space Street