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Larger than Life!

Large format porcelains are the perfect canvas for creating a stunning continuous flow of flooring throughout your home.  Tile sizes have been steadily increasing over the last few years and as clients see the beauty and practicality of large formats the demand for these striking designs is continually increasing too!

Discover the fully rectified Porcelain tile with sleek straight edges and minimal grout lines that works just as well in ultra-modern interiors as in more traditional room settings – available in an incredible selection of designs from cool, contemporary industrial tones to marbles and metal effects the opportunity to create amazing designs is so exciting!

Smaller rooms can hugely benefit too.  Choosing a 60 x 120 tile on the wall of a small bathroom complimented by a 90 x 90 on the floor creates a sense of the room being larger than it is, a little like an optical illusion.  And choosing muted tones complimented by marbles or opting for an entire room of calacatta can look simply stunning!

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