Order Tile Samples

There are 2 ways you can order tile samples.

1) When viewing an individual tile; half way down the page will be an option to order a sample. From there you can select the tile sample finish you would like and then add the sample to your TileBox (Basket).

2) You can also bulk add samples to your TileBox (Basket) on this page; Use the "Order Form" below to search and add the tiles to your TileBox (Basket).

Sample: Alchemy Cobalt
Sample: Alchemy Denim
Sample: Alchemy Lead
Sample: Alchemy Oxide
Sample: Alchemy Platinum
Sample: Alchemy Rust
Sample: Alchemy Silver
Sample: Alchemy Verdigris
Sample: Arena Anthracite
Sample: Arena Bone
Sample: Arena Grey
Sample: Arena White
Sample: Bars Blue
Sample: Bars Bordeaux
Sample: Bars Green
Sample: Bars Grey
Sample: Bars Sand
Sample: Bars White
Sample: City Bone
Sample: City Grey
Sample: City Silver
Sample: City White
Sample: Connection Clay
Sample: Connection Earth
Sample: Connection Fog
Sample: Connection Linen
Sample: Connection Midnight
Sample: Connection Moss
Sample: Connection Parchment
Sample: Connection Plaster
Sample: Connection Terracotta
Sample: Crystal Bella
Sample: Crystal Milo
Sample: Crystal White
Sample: Divide Ash
Sample: Divide Creme
Sample: Divide Storm
Sample: Dover Beige
Sample: Dover Grey
Sample: Dover Silver
Sample: Dover White
Sample: Flore Anthracite
Sample: Flore Bianco
Sample: Flore Corda
Sample: Flore Grigio
Sample: Flore Polvere
Sample: Flore Terra
Sample: Form Marquina
Sample: Form Torano Silver
Sample: Glacier Blue
Sample: Glacier Green
Sample: Glacier Grey
Sample: Glacier Pink
Sample: Glacier Sand
Sample: Glacier White
Sample: Grovewood Ash
Sample: Grovewood Honey
Sample: Grovewood Maple
Sample: Grovewood Smoke
Sample: Grovewood Taupe
Sample: Grovewood Walnut
Sample: Grovewood White
Sample: Heritage Cognac
Sample: Heritage Honey
Sample: Heritage Maple
Sample: Heritage Mocha
Sample: Horizon Green
Sample: Horizon Mustard
Sample: Horizon Petrol
Sample: Horizon Sage
Sample: Horizon Sand
Sample: Horizon White
Sample: Karman Ash
Sample: Karman Cherry
Sample: Karman Cigar
Sample: Karman Honey
Sample: Karman Honey Wall
Sample: Karman Maple
Sample: Karman Straw
Sample: Karman Taupe
Sample: Karman Taupe Wall
Sample: Key Air
Sample: Key Canvas
Sample: Key Cotton
Sample: Key Shade
Sample: Key Smoke
Sample: Korlok Antique French Oak
Sample: Korlok Baltic Limed Oak
Sample: Korlok Baltic Mistral Oak
Sample: Korlok Baltic Washed Oak
Sample: Korlok Canadian Nude Oak
Sample: Korlok Canadian Urban Oak
Sample: Korlok English Character Oak
Sample: Korlok Frosted Stone
Sample: Korlok Metro Grey
Sample: Korlok Smoked Butternut
Sample: Korlok Texas White Ash
Sample: Korlok Urban Grey
Sample: Korlok Volcanic Black
Sample: Korlok Warm Ash

Up to 4 samples = FREE
Up to 8 samples = £8.99

Your samples are shipped via Royal Mail and may take up to 14 days to arrive. We are not responsible for any delays in delivery caused by strikes or other circumstances beyond our control. You will receive an email notification once your samples have been shipped, so please make sure your contact information is accurate. Any fees for samples will be refunded upon placing a full tile order.