Our Tile Collections

Discover a wide range of Porcelain tile collections in our showroom and website, including the Concrete Effect porcelain collection for a modern touch, the Elegant Décor Collection (made with Ceramic tiles), the Exterior20 Collection for long-lasting outdoor use, the Metal Effect porcelain collection for a one-of-a-kind patina appearance, the Luxurious Marble Effect  porcelain collection, the Natural Effect  porcelain collection for natural finishes, and finally the Wood Effect  porcelain collection for a range of wood-inspired looks. Each collection offers a unique design and aesthetic to elevate your space

Concrete Effect Porcelain

Introducing the Concrete Effect Porcelain collection, a beautiful range of tiles that brings a cool, contemporary and ultra-modern look to any space. Featuring large format and extra-large Porcelain tiles in a variety of finishes, these tiles create seamless indoor-outdoor living spaces.

Our City range was inspired from the materials found amongst urban skyscrapers and cityscapes. A mix of assorted pebbles adds variety of colour and unique dynamism. A collection conceived to infuse living spaces with added spaciousness, City brings a chic touch of sophistication to surfaces, ensuring that they will never become outmoded, just like New York’s iconic buildings.


We just love this beautifully tactile range of colours that can be used individually or connect together to stunning effect in a range of sizes and finishes. Connection gorgeously showcases the very best and highest quality porcelain. With inside options in Matt, Soft and Textured finishes and some in 20mm to create a seamless flow from inside to outside patio areas.

Divide conveys the contemporary charm of concrete to porcelain tiles, giving life to a material that generates suggestions with a huge visual impact. Divide stands out for its richness in colours and details: cracking, salting and the typical excrescences of concrete embellish the range, bringing it to life.

3 beautifully contemporary tiles with a minimalist modern look. The design brings a certain warmth with a beautiful yet subtle movement of pattern. Available in a range of sizes and in three finishes. Combine Soft and Antislip to create a wonderfully seamless flow throughout home and garden.

This is clever. One tile, one slip rating for inside to outside spaces to create the ultimate in seamless design. One is a range that can be used anywhere in the home inside and out, walls and floors, with a smooth-feeling surface that is soft to the touch and a palette of 4 simply beautiful colours. Add to that our new range of gorgeously tactile ceramic tiles for walls, and you can create the perfect bathroom spa.

Décor Effect Tiles
Add a touch of elegance to your walls with our Décor Effect Porcelain & Ceramic collection. These carefully crafted tiles will enhance any living space with a touch of style.

Handcrafted Mediterranean-inspired wall tiles. 20x40 size with rich color density and deep surface reliefs. Comes in 6 colors and can be laid horizontally or vertically.

Micro-terrazzo tiles tribute in a 90x90 format suitable for walls and floors. 6 models in 5 colors with a digitally created relief texture that matches the printed design. Natural-looking tiles.


White-body wall tiles with a crazed effect in 7.5x15cm size. Wide selection of colors and modular layout options with trim in all colors.


Mediterranean-inspired porcelain tile range in 6x25 size and 6 colors. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Matt porcelain tile range in 6x24.6cm size. Features 6 models with varying designs and shades in white, silver, sand, grey, green, and blue.

This collection is characterised by its vivid colors and the handmade charm of its diverse range of shades and uneven surface.

Rectangular 9.2x37 format colored cement look wall and floor tiles with a gentle shade variation effect in 6 colors. Also available in a 21.5x25 hexagonal format.

Designed to emulate stone with a beautiful fine-grained surface and marble-like veins, the One Wall range features a lovely finish that comes in the size of 32 x 90.

Large, colorful range reminiscent of traditional Arab-style ceramic tiles. Comes in 9 colors with a matt finish and 2 formats: 10x10 and 6.5x20.

Innovative wall tiles paying tribute to traditional artisanal technique. 15x15 and 6x25cm sizes in 5 colors. Shine, volume, and depth for a unique look.

20x40 format wall tiles with a rounded relief pattern for a soothing, relaxing feel. Soft, matt, monochrome finish in neutral or decorative colors. Highly versatile for mixing and matching.

6 trend setting colours cleverly designed with layers of texture to create a surprising range of porcelain stoneware featuring moody charcoal grey tones, pearly subtle hues and the warm relaxing feel of sepia and taupe.

Exterior20 Porcelain

Experience the durability and versatility of the Exterior20 collection, made with 20mm thick tiles for endless applications in gardens, patios, and more. These tiles are the perfect solution for your outdoor spaces.

Key AirKey CanvasKey ShadeKey Smoke
Metal Effect Porcelain

Discover the Metal Effect collection, where you can create something truly unique with its oxidized and weathered metal inspired designs. Choose from the striking Alchemy Verdigris Porcelain to the beautiful metal effect in our Elements range

TileHaus - Experts in Porcelain Tiles for Kitchens, Bathrooms and more! Now you can get the same tiles for your garden or patio area that matches your kitchen!

Inspired by the patina of oxidised and weathered metals, the Alchemy range of metal effect Porcelain tiles is a wonderfully contemporary range of 8 striking shades.

Marble Effect Porcelain

Bring a touch of luxury to your space with our Marble Effect collection. Made with Natural, Form, and Italia Porcelains, these tiles are available in large format and feature beautiful matte and polished finishes.

TileHaus - Experts in Porcelain Tiles for Kitchens, Bathrooms and more! Now you can get the same tiles for your garden or patio area that matches your kitchen!

Crystal a range inspired by well-known Arabescato Vagli marble from northern Italy. It stands out for its dazzling white background, strewn with grey veins with the occasional sandy hue, all ensuring a chic stylish elegance.

TileHaus - Experts in Porcelain Tiles for Kitchens, Bathrooms and more! Now you can get the same tiles for your garden or patio area that matches your kitchen!

Form is our stunning series of large format Porcelains reinventing nature to create a formidable range of exquisite tiles in Matt and Polished finishes.

A stunning range of Italian marbles in the most luxurious designs and exquisite quality. These timeless marble effect porcelains will enhance any room in gorgeous large format polished and natural finishes. Large Slab options are available, ask the TileHaus Team for details!


A range of beautifully rich and elegant marble effect porcelains in Matt and Polished finishes available in a range of formats.

Strata is a porcelain tile range, inspired by more soothing versions of marble. It stands out particularly for its well-balanced shades, with a distinctive subtle veined pattern that lends it a modern elegant appeal.

Natural Effect Porcelain

Transform your space with the Natural Effect collection, featuring large format Porcelain tiles in beautiful matte and polished finishes. Choose from Natural, Form, and Italia tiles to bring a touch of luxury to your home.

Designed to emulate stone with a beautiful fine-grained surface and marble-like veins, the Aerial range features a lovely All-In-One finish that is easy to clean and means these tactile tiles can be specified both inside and out, creating a seamless flow from indoor to outdoor spaces.

The Arena range large format tiles are a cement effect range featuring a continuous pattern and subtle shade variation. Thanks to two finishes, it is an incredibly versatile range suitable for all kinds of projects.

The Dover range features a limestone design in a choice of beige, grey, silver and white, Salt weathering and fossil remains conjure up the effects of the passage of time, lending it rich added visual appeal. Dover comes in a 60x60 format in a natural finish and a 90x90 or 60x120 format in our now well-known ALL IN ONE finish, suitable for settings of all kinds, including wet or dry areas, indoors and out.

Flore range is about inclusions, imperfections and colour accents, all of which give it a unique, artisan aesthetic while the warm and modern colours offer an urban feel. A brand-new style for spaces, whether architectural or the everyday.

Key Cotton draws its inspiration from a classic Italian stone, which is elemental and elegant and interpreting it with a modern and minimalist twist. A synergy between styling and technique, between an elegant look and contemporary style.

Key AirKey CanvasKey ShadeKey Smoke

Echoing natural landscapes this incredibly versatile range of stunning stone effect porcelains for floors and walls. Available in various sizes, thicknesses and finishes and with exceptional pattern variation, Landscape is ideal for residential, commercial and indoor outdoor living.

Luca is a range inspired by an elegant type of stone from the Lucca region in Tuscany, Italy. This highly-prized stone, only found in the little municipality of Villa Collemandina, is traditionally used on floors or to dress up walls in decorative style, thanks to its white veins.


Inspired by Travertine marble, Mammoth emulates the porous limestone used for centuries in the worlds of building and architecture. Its longitudinal veins are enriched by their different intermingling shades of colour, bringing a warm, restful feel to settings.


The Nebulous range features a restful looking stone pattern with a nebulous appearance, where one shade merges into the next, lending it a chic modern appearance. It comes in a choice of four natural looking shades (cloud, road, mocha and moon) in a wide variety of formats.

Plage is inspired by the world's more secluded beaches. The tiles feature a mix of stone designs, with finer details in shades of varying intensities on each one. The collection's Shaped finish further enhances its realism and natural appeal. Plage comes in a choice of 3 colours.

We love Spark! Beautifully eye-catching, with a variation in appearance and colour across each tile that brings a beautiful sense of movement to the surface. Spark can work seamlessly across inside and outside spaces in All-In-One finish, or create a stunning wow factor in polished finish!

The Urban range consists of 5 simple yet beautiful cement effect porcelain tiles in simple industrial tones.

Introducing Vision. 3 stunning colours that embrace soft tones that will add class to any room in your house. Available in Natural and Antislip Bush Hammered.

Wood Effect Porcelain

Elevate your space with the Wood Effect collection, featuring a range of beautiful wood-inspired Porcelain tiles. From the splendid simplicity of our Woodland range for indoor and outdoor areas to the simply sumptuous Heritage tiles, you'll find the perfect finish for your space.


An exquisite range of Porcelain woods, from the warm tones of Honey to the cool shades of White and Ash. The beautiful veined designs work inside and outside the home, allowing you to seamlessly connect internal and external spaces with the same tile.


Heritage is a simple and elegant oak wood-effect range available in a palette of 4 beautifully natural colours. Create amazing settings with the range on it’s own or in combination with Marble effect large format tiles.

Karman range features a dynamic oak wood pattern. The sapwood in the design contrasts with other darker areas, creating a whimsical diversity of shades that lends each plank an amazing natural beauty. Added visual harmony is also ensured by the skillful incorporation of cathedral arches (concentric knots) in the design. Karman is perfect for a multitude of different design projects. With its silky feel and non-slip properties, it can be used in a wide variety of settings, including wet or dry areas, indoors and out.

Karman Wall

Introducing Karman wall tiles to match the Karman floor tile range. Available in a 33 x 100, the tiles emulate thin oak wood slats whose zigzagging surface casts small shadows that lend each one rhythm and depth. A perfect solution for rounding off living spaces and infusing them with warmth and harmony.

An antiqued and eclectic wood look that matches your taste, but also other materials and inspirations, to give rise to the style you desire.