Porcelain and Ceramic tiles – the differences and benefits.

Porcelain or Ceramic tiles – does it matter which you choose?
Porcelain or Ceramic tiles – does it matter which you choose?

TileHaus One Beige 600 x 600 and 300 x 600 Porcelain tiles to floor with One White Stripes to walls in White Body Ceramic 320 x 900

Firstly, ceramic tiles are generally made from red, brown or white clay – the latter sometimes called white bodied whereas Porcelain tiles are made from a mixture of white clay, sand and feldspar and fired at a much higher temperature making a denser, more hardwearing product.

Estrella Grey Ceramic Tiles in 450 x 450 size

Secondly, water absorption is another key factor. So Porcelain absorbs less than 0.5% water whereas a Ceramic tile will absorb more. That’s because the clay used in Porcelain is denser and less porous so thinking about where you are going to use your tiles is really important.

Thirdly, this means that Porcelain can be more expensive than ceramic and a bit more difficult to cut because it is so dense, however it is incredibly versatile and can be used on walls and floors, in high traffic areas, and both inside and outside the home because of the low water absorption.

Finally, this also makes Porcelain the perfect material for inside and outside spaces where home owners might want to run the same tile through internal living areas to outside spaces.

Porcelain is ideal for external areas because it is frost, scratch and fade resistant

Spark Cloud Porcelain Tiles in 900 x 900 size and 11.5mm thickness in Soft Antislip Finish for Inside and Outside Spaces.

If budget is critical, for internal areas, it is always worth checking out collections that have both Porcelain and Ceramic options in the same collection – that way you can still choose Porcelain for floors or specific areas and marry with the Ceramic options for walls.

One White Porcelain tiles in large format 1510 x 750 to floors and Ceramic 32 x 900 to walls – ceramic tiles can be very cost effective so a great way to keep costs down overall

Ceramic is also generally easier to cut so helps speed up installation which in turn can help reduce costs.

Neither Ceramic or Porcelain require any sealing and ongoing maintenance is minimal!

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