What size of tiles for a bathroom?

What size of tile is best of bathroom project? Read our guide to find out.
What is the best size porcelain tile for my bathroom? Read our guide to find out

Whatever your bathroom project, whether it’s a new build, an extension or a refurbishment, the size of tiles you choose really shouldn’t be determined by bathroom size! Whilst there are lots of differing opinions on the subject, small spaces including bathrooms can actually really benefit from larger tiles.

60 x 60 and 30 x 60 tiles or similar sizes for walls and floors are incredibly popular choices and can look stunning.

A Mix of One Grey 600 x 600mm and 300 x 600mm Tiles to Floor

And of course even smaller tiles can make a stunning feature however, taking the step up to the next size tile and considering for example a 900 x 900 or 1200 x 1200 tile for the floor and a 60 x 120 tile for the wall is definitely worth thinking about.

Strata Geo 300 x 300 Tiles to Shower with 900 x 900 Strata Tiles to Floor and Large Format 33.3 x 100 Décor Tiles to Main Wal

Contrary to popular believe that small room equals small tiles there is a good reason large tiles give a feeling of space.  That’s because there are fewer grout lines – lots of grout lines means there is lots going on and that can give a feeling of clutter and make walls and floors look really busy.

Torano Silver Large Format Porcelain in 1510 x 750mm to walls and Land Silver 900 x 900mm Large Format Porcelain to Floor

It is true that for a really small bathroom designing with a 90 x 90 tile for the floor may mean you only have a few tiles on the floor, but the beauty is your floor is virtually all tile and not grout! Planning how the tiles will work in the space is key so speak with your tiler to agree where grout lines will appear.

900 x 900mm Spark Dolphin Large Format Tiles to Floor

Increasing tiles size means that for example in an area of 2.4 high x 1.2 wide in a 60 x 120 tile you need just 4 stacked tiles with just 3 minimal grout lines or even a 120 x 120 tile reducing that to just 2 and one single grout line in the centre.  Or with a Porcelain Slab just one tile and no grout.

Landscape Quarry 2400 x 1200 Large Format Slab

As well as size, there is no doubt that lighter tiles will make a room feel more airy and bright, especially if you don’t have a huge amount of natural light in the room. So opting for a larger tile you might feel it needs to be lighter in colour but that doesn’t mean steering completely away from darker colours – lighting can play a huge part in bringing a small room to life with light bouncing off the surface.

Element Crag available in 1200 x 1200

For longevity it has to be a Porcelain tile every time.  They just last and last and need no maintenance as no sealing required. Choosing rectified Porcelain tiles i.e tiles with perfectly straight edges, means the amount of grout between tiles is at an absolute minimum of 2 or 3mm which also add to a feeling of continuity and help to make small spaces feel less cluttered.   It also means areas are so much easier to keep clean.

Heritage Maple Large Format 900 x 900 Floor Tiles

It is definitely worth seeing if you can borrow a large format tile from your tile supplier to take home before you buy – not only does it help to see the colour in your home and in your light but it also helps you see how the tile size might work.

And you may be able to get a layout or design done so you can see a visual of how your bathroom might look with your chosen tiles!

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